Forms Of Street Art

Forms Of Street Art

Street Art London Tours are a fantastic opportunity to witness the cultural and political views within a certain society through the means of innovative street art forms. However, before you go on your tour why not educate yourself on the different types of street art that you may see during your East End Walk:

Traditional – This refers to the technique of using a can of spray paint or even roll-on paint to create an image on the surfaces of both private and public property so that it is clearly visible to the public. This is the most common form of street art however it faces many criticisms and often walks a thin line between vandalism and actual art.

Stencil – Many street artists prefer to use homemade stencils, normally created from paper or cardboard, to help them establish an image that can easily be duplicated. The initial design is first cut out of the artists preferred material and is then transferred onto a surface, such as a brick wall, using spray paints or roll-on paint.

Sticker (also known as slap tagging and sticker bombing) – This street art form is becoming increasingly popular over time as it enables the artist to produce replicas of the original piece to stick up wherever they desire. Usually, artists who choose to use the technique of sticker bombing prefer to promote a more political agenda or like to comment on a current policy or issue that has recently been introduced. Sticker art is very much considered to be a sub-category of postmodern art.

Video Projection – A rare art form that involves digitally projecting the desired computer-manipulated illustration onto a surface, usually a famous artefact or building, through the use of an advanced lighting and projection system.

Street installation – This distinctive art form is becoming a growing trend within the development of street art. Unlike alternative conventional street art forms, this type of street art incorporates the surrounding urban environment rather than disrupts it.

These are just a few of the incredible street art forms around today.

Let us know what street art forms you see on your Street Art London Tour and keep an eye out for any new techniques you can find during your East End Walk!

East End Pub Crawl – The Princess Alice

The princess alice pub

The Princess Alice pub is among just one of many fantastic pubs visited on the East End Pub Tour, however, the story behind its past regularly still fascinates those who visit today.

The Princess Alice pub is a pleasant corner pub that has attracted the fancy of many men during its time, including the one of the notorious East End who even today is known only by his pseudonym ‘leather apron’. This infamous East End character was nicknamed the leather apron due to his regular appearance in a leather apron and occasionally a deerstalker hat at the time of his murders.

Similar to Jack the Ripper, the leather apron targeted prostitutes and demanded the little cash that they kept on them. If the prostitutes refused to hand the money over, he would ruthlessly and violently beat them up.

At first it was believed that the leather apron case was related to the Jack the Ripper murders, however no strong evidence was found to prove this.

The Princess Alice pub was said to be the leather aprons most popular drinking ground and the local pub soon found its reputation as a valued historical building to the East End of London community.

If you want to uncover more on the story behind the leather apron and his malicious murders along with an in-depth briefing of the pubs history and a chance to step into the very pub where Jack the Ripper was believed to have stalked his victims, then join us on this remarkable East End Tour today for a day you aren’t soon to forget.

Top 3 London Tours With a Difference

london street art tour

While a lot of people would think that taking a tour of London is all about sitting on top of a double decker and basking in the ambiance of the beautiful city of London; there is a lot more than that.

Why not spend your time in London on a different tour, something with an edge. Listed below are some tours that are a bit different than your normal tours and will be of great interest to you as well.

The very first tour we have on our list is the London Street Art tour that is literally different from any tour that you will take in your life. This tour is basically an insight on the world’s best street art and street artists including the infamous Banksy who have left their masterpieces on the walls of London.

The second tour on our list is the Death and Debauchery tour. It is a tour filled with suspense and horror because it tells the tale of murder, crime and disease. If you wish to spend a few hours being scared out of your bones then this is one tour that you should not miss.

If you are the type of person that loves murder mysteries then Jack the Ripper tour is something that is not to be missed. Walk around the same streets that the murderer walked on over a hundred years ago in the White Chapel area. Put your mind to unravelling the mystery of the murders and visit all the actual sights where these murders took place.

Regardless of what time of the year it is, it is a great idea to go on these tours as they will not only maximise your trip to the great city of London but will also be a great experience for you. There are many more options available when it comes to tours in London, you just have to go online and search.

A different tourist perspective on London

big benModern London is the tourist destination of millions of people around the world every year. Most of them come for a chaotic run around central areas of the city to see the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and so on.

There are however, much more to the city than meets the majority of tourists’ eyes. After all, London is a mixture of tradition and novelty with its rich history filled with world renowned musicians, artists, poets, writers.

If you are not fan of standard tourist tours and wish to find the charm and historic spirit of the city come along to one of the East End Walks in London.

bricklane_picEvery Friday, Saturday and Sunday twice a day, devoted Londoners show groups around the East End of London for about 90 minutes rediscovering the Brick Lane’s most vibrant cultural areas, getting to know the stories behind them.

It’s a must see for everyone who wishes to discover London from a different perspective. Probably every single person who has ever been on a tour in London has a picture of themselves in front of the Big Ben. But how many of them can say they’d been to Ten Bells Pub – the favourite haunt of Jack the Ripper?

Don’t worry though, you want just quickly walk past it with 30 seconds to take the snap, you will have a chance to sit down, have a drink, relax and soak in the atmosphere of the place.

There are plenty of places to visit, quirky stories to be told so make sure you dress comfortable, grab your camera and are ready for an adventure.

East End Tour can be the highland of your visit to London. Make sure you book yours in advance as the spaces get filled in quickly.

Kray Twins Once Ruled East End Area

When you are in London and wish to learn about the history of some of the famous areas in the city, then what could be better than to take East End Tours?

Here you could also learn about the once most terrorised area of London, East End, by Kray Twins. The East End that you see now is nothing like what it used to be when Kray Twins were alive.

Born in 1933, the twins Reginald and Ronald Kray grew up to be infamous criminals that had many assaults, violent acts and murders associated to them. They used to run a racket in London and had plenty of power to control and dominate people in the East End area. The brothers were considered mentally unstable, especially Ronald, and they did everything to escape the law but couldn’t stay away very long.

They were also jailed where they made friends and also enemies and upon release tried to control the pubs, local bars and even criminals. Ronal Kray was later diagnosed as a patient of schizophrenia, which became increasingly worst with his violent acts. Gradually they increased their domination in the West End area of London as well with some of the famous celebrity’s assistance.

The Twins even offered protection to some (who paid good money) against other gangs operating in London. Despite murdering someone in a public place, people used to bail out from being a witness due to the Kray twins’ intimidation. Both Ronald and Reginald were later apprehended in a murder case and then jailed for life in 1968. Ronald died in 1995 due to a heart attack and Reginald died in 2000 because of bladder cancer.

When the two were young they made everyone’s life miserable and tough; people used to worry about their life and the trust almost disappeared. After their apprehension, the East End area returned to its usual glory and the residents started to trust officials again. Kray tours offered by East End tours can give a good insight on this and can even take you to once blood stained area.